Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Press Release/NEWS Publication: NEW Guidelines

Submit your Press Release - Online : Quick and Fast Publishing

Before you submit to our site, we would appreciate if you would please read this page first.

Submission Guidelines - Automation Media

AutomationMedia welcomes submissions of Press Release by using our online system. AutomationMedia.com is a highly trafficked website and publishes industry news free if related to Automation, Controls and related supporting verticals/technologies.
The PR submission guidelines outline the standards the AutomationMedia.com expects.

Note: We reserve the right to use our editorial discretion when publishing your product and news releases on our site.

How to quickly publish your PR on Automation Media's highly trafficked website?

  • Our preferred format is a fairly standard and industry common for creating press releases.
  • Please follow our guidelines as it will help your credibility and higher chances of being published quickly if you submit your material in requested way. Our system will filter out unrelated submissions.
  • A Sample Press Release Format
  • Each press release should include the following:
    • Headline: Create an active and descriptive headline that will capture the our reader's attention.
    • Summary: (Optional) Write a summary of your press release that helps clarify the headline, and describes what the press release is about.
    • City, State/Provice, Country - Month Day, Year: These details precede the story and orient our readers.
    • Body: This is where the actual story goes. There should be more than one paragraph, each paragraph no more than a few sentences.
    • Company/organisation information: Include a short summary about your organization, any background information about the company or organisation featuring in this press release.
    • Contact Information: Include the contact information of a person the Automation Media can follow up with i.e. Name, Company Name, Phone Number, E-mail Address, Company URL etc.
    • End with ###: Use three number signs (###) to denote where the press release ends.
    • Graphics: Please email one to three graphics about your News / PR (including logo). Size must be 1200 x 627 minimum (except logo). Acceptable file formats for graphics are JPG, Static GIF, PNG.
    • End with ###: Use three number signs (###) to denote where the press release ends.
  • News releases (or Press releases) can include company news, acquisitions, application stories,white papers, new or enhanced services, data sheets, literature items, catalogs etc.
  • Product releases must be about a new or enhanced product.
  • News & Product releases must include date of release, contact, and company information.
  • Please include e-mail address, phone number and website address for further product inquiries.
  • All releases must be timely and industry related.
  • Only current Advertiser's releases will have live web link, e-mail inquiry link on our site page.
  • Remember: If you can't spend time on your PR to make it acceptable format, no one else will. We can do it for you if you are willing to pay.
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