Sunday, May 22, 2022
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How Warehouse Optimization Technology : Impacts Sparkling Wine Manufacturer Schloss Wachenheim

Schloss Wachenheim mastered challenges with Pick-by-Vision from Picavi. The company reduced the error rate in order picking and optimizes productivity and workplace safety. In practice, the advantages of Pick-by-Vision quickly became apparent. With the help of the smart glasses, the time required can be reduced considerably, as the tedious final inspection is integrated directly into the picking process. For this purpose, the barcode of the item was linked to that of the corresponding carton ...See More..

by  Thomas R. Cutler  

Egyptian Manufacturer LinkMisr : Highlights Warehouse Automation Benefits at MODEX 2022

As warehouse and distribution managers look to streamline operations, improve efficiency and production, and reduce costs, warehouse automation is on the rise. The benefits of warehouse automation are numerous. For warehouse managers just delving into automation, one of the first benefits realized is a reduction in manual errors. The cost per error ranges from $50 to $300. When multiplying the error cost by the 1%-3% error rate, represents a significant impact on the company's bottom line. ...See More..

by  Thomas R. Cutler  

AGV ROI Starts with a Delivery Commitment

The best automation solution on paper means nothing if it cannot be delivered in 2022. Selling the sexy sizzle of new, clever, even remarkable AGVs means nothing if manufacturers and distribution centers cannot take delivery of the product until 2023. So much emphasis has been placed on features, advantages, and benefits; too little attention has been paid to delivery dates. Throughout industrial manufacturing and distribution the lead time from many AGV manufacturers is more than a year. Tha ...See More..

by  Mike Kotzian  

Automation and Artificial Intelligence in the Film Industry

JKY: Like stocks, past performance on any given project in the entertainment industry is not a guarantee of future earnings. Through automation and AI advancements in manufacturing, the entertainment industry has found ways to streamline the processes involved in pre-production such as casting actors through a digital platform like Actors Access or LAcasting. A database is available for casting to consider past performances by talent as well as making a more efficient workplace for film makers ...See More..

by  Thomas R. Cutler  

A Call-to-Action: Rethinking Automation for Generation Z

With more Gen Zers joining the manufacturing workforce, there are significant culture shifts needed to accommodate how these new workers (born from 1996 - 2010) view automation. As the first Gen Zer member of the Manufacturing Media Consortium (founded by Thomas R. Cutler, 23 years ago, before I was born) I can vouch for this need to reframe the context of automation for my generation. Failure to do so will make ...See More..

by  Rachel Snyder  

Quality Digest Defines Enhanced Webinar Events

Quality Digest continues its important role as companies navigate a post-COVID reality with a critical role of safety, quality, efficiency, and resiliency. Quality elements are no longer an after-thought. It is essential when examining automation, lean manufacturing, and new paradigms for best practice. During COVID, all of us became more remote savvy and the demand for visionary content and information essential. ...See More..

by  Thomas R. Cutler