Saturday, July 31, 2021
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A Call-to-Action: Rethinking Automation for Generation Z

With more Gen Zers joining the manufacturing workforce, there are significant culture shifts needed to accommodate how these new workers (born from 1996 - 2010) view automation. As the first Gen Zer member of the Manufacturing Media Consortium (founded by Thomas R. Cutler, 23 years ago, before I was born) I can vouch for this need to reframe the context of automation for my generation. Failure to do so will make ...See More..

by  Rachel Snyder  

Quality Digest Defines Enhanced Webinar Events

Quality Digest continues its important role as companies navigate a post-COVID reality with a critical role of safety, quality, efficiency, and resiliency. Quality elements are no longer an after-thought. It is essential when examining automation, lean manufacturing, and new paradigms for best practice. During COVID, all of us became more remote savvy and the demand for visionary content and information essential. ...See More..

by  Thomas R. Cutler  

Discrete Manufacturers Access New Tools to Manage a Changing Factory Floor

Manufacturing journalist Thomas R. Cutler interviews Aegis Software founder Jason Spera. Makers of FactoryLogix, Spera shares the trends in factory floor automation including Industry 4.0-IIoT capabilities, which seamlessly connect assets and systems. He also discusses a lower cost of ownership with a highly configurable, low-risk ...See More..

by  Thomas R. Cutler  

Large Manufacturers with Special Projects No Longer Ignored - Thanks to Project Business Automation

Project-based industries represent between 20 to 30 percent of all large manufacturers, most of which require their own business system. Traditional systems do not work for this type of manufacturing process. Typically, a business system is any technological system that supports a ...See More..

by  Thomas R. Cutler  

Manufacturing Throughput Starts with Hiring

For small to mid-sized manufacturers, falling behind on manufacturing throughput means delayed deliveries, which drives customers to find suppliers who deliver on-time. Manufacturing success relies largely on the ability to increase throughput and satisfy customers. Improving manufacturing throughput is not the same as output. Output refers to the total production: quantity produced or completed including rejections, scrap, and stockpiled items. It is considered a measure of productive capacit ...See More..

by  Thomas R. Cutler  

Driving Throughput Up to 55% Using Autonomous Reach Trucks

Load movements up to 55% faster dramatically increase throughput. Autonomous reach trucks are most valuable in the manufacturing, distribution, and 3PL environment when embedded with infrastructure-free navigation technology. After a decade of research and development, the best-in-class reach trucks use 3D cameras to pick and drop pallets safely. The reach robot drives cost savings and ...See More..

by  John Hayes