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OPC - OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) for Process Control :: The Industrial Interoperability Standard


Automation Media is dedicated to develop the awareness and understanding about interoperability in automation by providing best information about open specifications that standardize the communication of acquired process data, alarm and event records, historical data, and batch data to multi-vendor enterprise systems and between production devices. Production devices include sensors, instruments, PLCs, RTUs, DCSs, HMIs, historians, trending subsystems, alarm subsystems, and more as used in the process industry, manufacturing, and in acquiring and transporting oil, gas, and minerals.

  • The OPC Foundation announces the new Director of Initiative Field Level Communications
    Scottsdale, AZ - April 2nd, 2019 - The OPC Foundation is pleased to announce the nomination of Peter Lutz as the new Director of the Field Level Communication (FLC) Initiative. In his new position, he will lead and drive forward the development of the initiative and the specifications.

  • Available: Presentations from OPCF GAM2018
    Jan 2019 | Available: Presentations from OPC Foundation General Assembly Meeting 2018 are available for download. During GAM 2018 the results of the Board of Directors? election have been announced, but also an detailed overview on the activities during the 2018 year and the plans for 2019 have been presented.

    Download Presentations.

  • Final Release of Unified Architecture Phase I Deliverables
    February 9, 2009; New released versions of Part 1-8 of the Unified Architecture Specifications have been posted along with matching UA SDK and sample code for member download. This represents a maintenance release for Parts 1-5 and 8 plus a first release for Parts 6 and 7. The code distribution has reached release candidate stage having undergone extensive QA lab testing and beta testing by Early Adopter Members. The final release for the code is only awaiting the approval of the License and Distribution Agreement by the Technical Advisory Council. With this major release OPC vendors are assured stable specifications and the ability to ship UA code components that are tested and fully supported.

  • OPC Foundation Launches a new Blog for OPC Developers
    The new blog will start with a series of posts which will walk developers through the basics of implementing UA. The blog posts will cover different technical topics and will allow someone to start implementing a UA application without needing to read the core specifications cover to cover.

  • OPC Unified Architecture meets major international standardization milestone
    January 16, 2009; Geneva: Parts 1-6 & 8 of IEC 62541 (the international version of the OPC Unified Architecture specifications) have been approved by 18 participating countries. With this affirmative vote, the Committee Drafts will now enter the final draft stage on their way to becoming published international standards. Congratulations to the OPC UA and IEC 65E working group 8 volunteers.

  • OPC UA Analyzer Devices Specification review draft now available
    The Analytical Device Integration (ADI) Working Group is pleased to announce the availability of a completed review draft of the OPC UA Analyzer Devices Specification. Sample Code development will now begin based on this version. The code and final release of the specification is expected mid-2009. Non-members and members are invited to review the specification and send comments (preferably by annotating the DOC file) to the email address noted on the cover page of the specification.

  • IEC OPC Unified Architecture Working Group
    The OPC Unified Architecture is currently going through the process to be an officially endorsed international standard through IEC. As part of this process a formal working group has been created under the IEC organizational structure. This is a multi-country initiative that is taking the current OPC UA specifications as the baseline for the international standardization.

    Members interested in more details about this program should contact their local IEC country representation, or contact the OPC Foundation directly. This is a very important strategic benefit as part of the overall collaborative team for complete interoperability and international industry standardization. The next meeting of this working group is scheduled for January 14, 2008 in Tampa, Florida. The kickoff meeting was held in September 2007 in Nice, France.

  • Released OPC Unified Architecture Specification (Part 11 - Historical Access ) Available for Download
    Part 11 - Historical Access of the Unified Architecture Specifications has been released and is now available for download by members. More information on UA and the schedule to release the remaining Parts is on the UA home page.

  • Support for OPC Unified Architecture
    The OPC Foundation is pleased to report that 12 automation vendors have already announced there intentions to support the new OPC Unified Architecture Specification.

    ABB, Eldridge Engineering, GEFanuc, ICONICS, Kepware, Matrikon, MeshNetics, Rockwell, SMAR, Softing, Software Toolbox, Wonderware

  • OPC Unified Architecture - a new architecture
    Check out this NEW OPC Foundation Page explaining - Why a new Architecture, Introductory Articles, In-depth Presentations, Specifications, Backward compatibility, Collaboration, Events, Deliverables and schedule...... See More Details

  • OPConnect - 8th Edition
    The eighth edition of OPC Foundation's "OPConnect" Newsletter....

    Thomas J. Burke, president and executive director of the OPC Foundation, reports on the OPC events held during the recent Hannover Fair in Germany. Demonstrations and forums solidify OPC UA’s success as the key integration technology for legacy control devices and systems.

    Welcome to the May 2006 edition of OPConnect, the official newsletter of the OPC Foundation. Last month had many watershed moments for the new OPC Unified Architecture technology, and I’m thrilled to provide a first-hand account of these successes.

    One of the hot topics at the recent Hannover Fair, held the week of April 24 in Hannover, Germany, was the OPC Foundation’s support for the Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL) effort. This collaborative partnership of the Fieldbus Foundation (FF), Hart Communication Foundation (HCF), the Profibus Nutzerorganisation (PNO) and OPC is defining the future of industrial communications.
    Transparent backward compatibility

    What’s important about this effort? One of the key issues facing end-users today is how to take legacy equipment - devices, controllers, networks - and integrate them into their businesses’ enterprise and asset management systems. In a Question & Answer session during an EDDL panel held on April 25 at Hannover Fair, representatives from FF, Hart, Profibus and OPC addressed end-user concerns on how to achieve transparent backward compatibility..... Read it now

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