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Quest Controls Provides a Fast Payback and High ROI to Customers Using its Smart Adaptive Control HVAC Economizer Algorithm

April, 2022
Quest Controls Provides a Fast Payback and High ROI to Customers Using its Smart Adaptive Control HVAC Economizer Algorithm

Palmetto, Florida – Customers earn a fast payback and a high ROI by using Quest’s Smart Adaptive Control Algorithm in their remote sites. The Algorithm controls economizers for HVAC systems allowing them to maximize the amount of time outside air is used to maintain the temperature in each zone, thereby saving significant energy costs through free cooling. Customers can maintain a stable and safe operating environment (temperature and humidity) within their sites while maximizing electrical savings by reducing HVAC compressor run times.
The algorithm reduces visits and work performed at the site while maximizing energy savings. The free cooling algorithm continuously learns the cooling requirements versus the outside air and automatically adjusts the control settings for economization.

Due to the algorithm’s uniqueness and effectiveness, Quest applied for and received a patent for its versatile algorithm.

Outstanding Benefits of Quest’s HVAC Economizer Algorithm
• Save energy by reducing HVAC compressor run times
• Reduce worktime at site adjusting dampers and economizer controls
• Ensure optimum operating conditions for critical equipment
• Reduce carbon footprint
• No additional training requirements

This cost saving technology is designed for use by Telecom Wireless, Telecom Wireline, Cable, Satellite, Utility, Communications, Fiber Optics Transportation, Oil and Gas Pipeline companies, and other customers with remote standalone sites utilizing HVAC systems with Economizers.

The following Quest products incorporate the patented economizer control algorithm to dynamically adjust settings to optimize the use of outside air for cooling.

The TELSEC® ESB2 Environmental Controller with a graphical, color touchscreen provides 16 universal inputs, 16 digital outputs and 2 analog outputs, and can be easily expanded to 272 universal inputs, 144 digital outputs, and 66 analog outputs. The TELSEC ESB2 can network with up to 16 HVAC Controllers for controlling a facilities’ cooling

The Model 400 HVAC Controller is designed to work as a standalone HVAC Control System or in conjunction with the TELSEC ESB2 Environmental Controller to provide a comprehensive monitoring and control system. Multiple HVAC units can be grouped by the area they serve to provide lead/lag/standby functionality per zone.

The RSC 1000® controls up to four HVAC systems in any site and offers a graphical, color touchscreen interface. The touchscreen and configuration wizard greatly improves the way users interact with the RSC 1000, making the controller more intuitive and easier to use. Configuring the RSC 1000 for new installations, troubleshooting problems, and scheduling maintenance are quickly managed through the touchscreen or through the built-in web server when connected to an Ethernet network.

Quest Controls, Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets a complete family of monitoring, control, and test solutions for the telecommunications, cable, utilities, hospitals, and commercial industries. Product offerings include hardware and enterprise-class software that provides remote visibility of a site’s operating condition. The TELSEC® product family, RSC 1000™ and OspreyFMS®, provide actionable alarming, monitoring, control, and testing of a facility’s critical operating environment and equipment to maintain and ensure smooth and continuous operation. Quest Controls, Inc. also provides installation services, as well as 24/7 monitoring and service contracts.

For more information on Quest Control’s products, call (941) 729-4799.


To request further information or inquiries please contact Clay Goggin, or telephone directly at 941.723.4105

Quest Controls Headquarters:
Tel: (941) 729-4799, Fax: (941) 729-5480
208 9th Street Dr. West, Palmetto FL 34221


April 6, 2022
Contact: Clay Goggin
Tel: (941) 723-4105

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