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ONDO Announces New Thermal Screens Control for Greenhouses

April, 2021
ONDO Smart Farming Solutions is glad to announce that its precision farming automation solution for greenhouses is now also featuring greenhouse thermal screens control. This new functionality comes in line with ONDO roadmap to enable control and automation via ONDO for any device, responsible for the irrigation, fertigation and climate control in a greenhouse.

Thermal screens are must-have for any greenhouse looking to ensure the most optimal climate for the crops grown. They prevent overheating during the day and keep the greenhouse warm during the night, by not letting the heat come out and thus reducing energy consumption. They also help to regulate humidity levels.

Thanks to the new thermal screen control functionality, ONDO customers can now remotely open or close the greenhouse thermal screens as needed, from any mobile device and anywhere in the world. The control is currently performed manually, but the company is soon releasing a fully automated control option, based on target parameters for the greenhouse and data coming from a big number of sensors measuring the sun radiation, temperature, air humidity and more. The sensor data is collected by ONDO proprietary weather station, and is afterwards read and turned into actionable data by ONDO.

The new greenhouse thermal screen control will be available to both existing and new ONDO greenhouse customers. In addition to being able to integrate with new greenhouse equipment, ONDO can also retrofit already existing greenhouses. Free consultation calls are available to all interested greenhouse owners.

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About ONDO:
ONDO ( offers an innovative, digitally-controlled precision agriculture system for automated drip irrigation management and control, precise plant nutrition and climate control for various crops. ONDO can be used in greenhouses, orchards, vineyards or on the open fields, saving up to 85% of water, up to 50% of energy and up to 60% of losses caused by human error.

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