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Quest Controls Announces that the RSC 1000 HVAC Control System has Successfully been Modeled into MegaSys Telenium Software

August, 2019
Palmetto, Florida, United States – August 19, 2019

Quest Controls, Inc. is pleased to announce that MegaSys® Telenium® users can now add the Quest RSC 1000™ driver to their instance of the software to monitor alarms, input status and trending and make setpoint changes. The RSC 1000 is the most sophisticated HVAC control system available today and uses Quest’s patented adaptive economizer control algorithm to optimize the amount of time free cooling can be used thereby reducing the run time required for air conditioning compressors. This increases the effective life span of the HVAC system and reduces energy costs.

The RSC 1000 communicates with Telenium using SNMPv3 and includes a built-in secure web server that uses HTTPS for communications. “Bringing together the premier facilities controller and the premier master network management platform for utilities will allow utilities to deploy the most advanced facilities control,” said Ed Goggin, Quest Controls President & CEO.

The RSC 1000’s advanced architecture provides secure Ethernet communications with support for IPv6, IPv4, HTTP, HTTPS, RADIUS Password Authentication, SNMP v1, v2c and v3 and SMTP (Email) as well as Modbus RTU Communications to Modbus RTU enabled equipment such as KW meters, generators and fuel level sensors. RSC also employs a color touch screen with similar graphics to the web server so onsite technicians can easily trouble shoot issues with HVAC or additional devices being monitored at the facility.

“MegaSys is pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Quest Controls and to add the RSC 1000 into our extensive suite of supported devices. The RSC 1000 sets a new level for advanced sensor management and we are very excited to be part of the overall solution for our existing and new customers,” said Dave Woronuk, President & CEO of MegaSys.

MegaSys is the provider of Telenium®, Network Management Software for telecommunications, energy, emergency services and government markets. We focus exclusively on telecom network management and provisioning, enabling us to produce powerful Network Management Software that provides complete EML/NML/SML functionality - including full FCAPS capability, auto-population of network architecture and circuit management, high throughput alarm processing and network element backup - integrated in an intelligent, high performance database.

Quest Controls, Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets a complete family of remote surveillance products that provide monitoring, control, and energy management solutions for the power utility, telecommunications, cable, and commercial industries. The TELSEC®, OspreyFMS® OspreyDCM™ and BACnet product and server software families provide alarm performance, monitoring, control, energy savings, and test of a facility’s critical operating environment and equipment to maintain and ensure each facility’s smooth and continuous operation. Quest Controls, Inc. also provides installation services as well as 24/7 monitoring and service contracts.

For more information on Quest Controls’ products, call (941) 729-4799 or visit us at www.questcontrols.com.

Quest Controls is a leading designer and manufacturer of energy management control systems. Our services give our clients the satisfaction of maximized energy savings and increased productivity through expert development, design analysis and installation of tools that help monitor and control their maintenance, alarm, diagnostics, HVAC and telephone equipment. Our flexible and reliable platform allows us to handle applications that cross industries, from Telecom companies and broadband and data centers to restaurants and retail centers.

For more information contact:
Harper Anderton
Quest Controls, Inc., Director Sales & Marketing, Utilities
PH: (617) 901-0955

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