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Book - Computation for Humanity

by Jim Pinto | from Pinto's Archive

I thought I'd share this new book with you because it includes a chapter which I wrote - "Evolution of the Techno-Human". This starts the final section: "Visionary Pondering and Outlook on Computation for Humanity."

The book is about different computational methodologies, useful as a research and reference guide to scientists, engineers, and academics. It includes several examples that can be adapted to address everyday problems.

Three decades ago, computers moved out of central control rooms and into the home. Now computation is spreading throughout the world as the Internet and the Cloud. Smart gadgets everywhere combine multiple new technologies that sense and act among all social groups.

The editors and authors of this book consider that computational technologies will result in fundamental changes in multiple arenas: practice of the arts, professions and sciences, and the ways in which society manages its practical operations - health, infrastructure design, and political processes. The contributors provide case studies in fields ranging from history to zoology, from city planning to knowledge discovery.

The book shows the presence of computing in every aspect of everyday life. It will inspire everyone interested in the technological progress of numerous disciplines. It presents the most recent computing and engineering solutions and achievements in a variety of different applications. It?s expected to be prescribed as a textbook in some broad disciplines.

This book is a good and fresh read, covering various current topics related to the influence of information technology to the advancement of society. While it covers technical topics, the language used is light and readable, not just to specialists and academics. It will reach a wide target of readers and function as a good source of information.

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