Friday, August 12, 2022
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Interview Fashion Tips for Women

A woman needs to look great when she is going to a job interview. Looking classy and not trashy is key if you want to get hired. While there are many different styles out there to select from, you want something that flatters your body no matter what size you happen to be. This doesn’t mean you show it all off but that you find a good balance. You aren’t going to a social activity or trying to look good for a date!

On the other hand, you don’t want clothing that is too baggy and loose on you. It won’t be appealing and it can end up being distracting to the person conducting the interview. In fact, it can also give the impression that you have something to hide. That won’t leave them feeling very comfortable when it comes to trusting you to work for them.

Choose colors that work well with your skin tone. This is important as you don’t want to look washed out or unnatural. You also want to be sure everything matches well. If you aren’t fashion oriented then ask a friend to help you. Pay attention to how certain items are placed together at clothing stores as well to get some great ideas.

There are some who believe a woman should wear either a skirt or a dress for a job interview. While this is very common, you can also do well with dress pants matched with a nice blouse. There is also the option of a business suit with pants so look at these options if you don’t feel comfortable with your legs showing for a job interview. If you do wear a dress or shirt, wear pantyhose with it. Make sure you spend the extra money to get the type that is very unlikely to tear.

Regardless of what you go with, it should be something that is going to work. Going with basic colors such as white, black, and blue are a good idea. You want to make sure all of your clothing items are wrinkle free and that they fit well. You don’t want to have sleeves or pant legs that are too long and drag on the floor. While that may be fashionable in some areas, it isn’t acceptable for any job interview.

The shoes complete the outfit so make sure they are nice. They need to be polished and matching your outfit. You also want to make sure you can walk well in them. Don’t buy brand new shoes and think you can just walk naturally into a job interview with them on your feet as it isn’t going to happen. It is good etiquette to wear only closed toe shoes to an interview.

Think carefully about the accessories that you will wear to a job interview. The less is more approach is very important. Should you decide to wear jewelry, keep it simple. A wedding ring, a pair of ear rings, a watch, and perhaps a necklace are all you need. If you decide to wear a belt it should be out of necessity and not part of a fashion statement you wish to make.

The make up you wear to a job interview needs to look very professional as well. Tone it down and make sure the colors you use blend well. Many women find that mineral cosmetics allow them to have the benefit of make up and also look very natural at the same time. You may want to try this out to see what changes it can make for your own appearance. You also want to have a nice manicure for your fingernails when you go to any job interview.

The hair for a lady needs to be very professional looking as well. You can choose to wear it up or leave it down. However, it needs to be combed in a way that isn’t distracting. If you have unusual colors in your hair then you may find it makes the interviewer not take you as seriously. Avoid wearing any type of hat to your interviews.

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