Friday, July 12, 2024
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Frank Charles Cozza

Frank Charles Cozza began his success story as the preferred architect for Rite Aid back in 1997. To accommodate a store remodel, the retail chain enlisted Frank's expertise to design a solution for mobilizing fully loaded shelving units.

Over 20 years later, this single idea was the foundation that launched Gondola Skate, the world's leading manufacturer of fixture mobilization systems for the retail and warehousing industries. Gondola Skate is committed to developing the fastest and safest products ever developed while saving customers thousands of dollars. Our world-class certified fixture mobilization expert ("CFME") training program supports our focus on creating environments that exceed safety standards. On the horizon is the release of a revolutionary product, the Bandit, that will fundamentally change the way the retail industry thinks about fixture mobilization.

Frank is passionate about his elite team, his family and consistently offering retailers and warehouse contractors the highest level of excellence.

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