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Automation, Control & Plant Intelligence News Updates   |   October, 2007
TopView 6.0 is a major release of TopView, containing many significant improvements, new features, and new components

TopView 6.0 includes:
- Updated Configurator and TopView engine
- New components and diagnostic tools
- Many new features and improved performance
- Support for Windows Vista
- Support for PI HA (High Availability) and PI Expressions (TopView PI)

Exele TopView® 6.0 software provides advanced methods for constantly monitoring data measurements from instruments and devices throughout a plant and its remote facilities and delivering customizable alarms to designated personnel when a problem occurs.
User-designated alarms can be delivered as emails, cell phone messages, pager notices, text-to-speech voice annunciation, audible alarms over speakers, and text messages.
TopView 6.0 software can efficiently monitor thousands of process measurements. Users can create custom messages for each tag point, so personnel can receive a detailed description of the problem as well as its exact location. Also, remote access and acknowledge communication is supported through dial-in phone, PC, and Windows Mobile devices.
Installation, set-up, and start-up of the software is fast and easy. In addition to providing alarms on current tag values, it can send alarms based on calculations and operations.
TopView 6.0 works seamlessly with most SCADA, PLC, and process historians.

TopView Version 6.0 highlights
-TopView OPC
OPC: Group tag reads for multiple OPC Servers

-TopView PI
PI Expressions: TopView can display and provide alarms on the result of a PI Expression (PE Syntax) including, arithmetic, as well as if..then.else expressions Support for PI High Availability Servers
PI-SDK is now used for all PI Server communication

-Support for Windows Vista: TopView and Remote Viewer -New maximum 5000 tags per TopView Window -HTML output style reflects alarm colors used in the TopView Windows -Ability to automatically update tags and limits through scripts and custom code -New Alarm condition: tag has GOOD status -Alarm expiration setting -Custom return-to-normal (RTN) notification messages -Latch last GOOD value setting (for bad status values or lost connections) -New-line character for custom alarm message (email notification) -Option to suspend alarm processing and notification on lost Server connection -Option to automatically re-start on configuration changes -New individual logs for Alarms, Notifications and Remote Dial-in -Placeholder tags: can be used if the current row's alarm condition does not depend on the value a tag -Optional Passive FTP transfer of HTML file
-Output Points can exist on any Server -Increased TopView performance, stability, and configuration

New Components and component updates:
-TopView Configurator: updated user interface with new Global Options screen for all non-default TopView settings -TopView Windows: Values View (traditional TopView Window) or Alarms View (current alarm/unacknowledged items) -Remote Viewer can now display the Remote Viewer icon in the System Notification Area of your desktop

-New: TopView Admin Tools
Designed for detailed monitoring of running TopView Windows. Runs on the TopView machine.
Using TopView Admin Tools, you can:
View the current operating status, values and alarms
View Audible Alarms settings
Monitor the outgoing email, modem, and voice notification queues
Monitor current connections from the Remote Viewer
View the HTML summary output
Monitor TopView performance details
Monitor all log files (application, alarms, and notification)

-New: TopView Information Icon
The TopView Information Icon runs in the System Notification Area of the computer that is running TopView. The TopView Information Icon can be used to:
View new alarms in a pop-up bubble (optional)
Listen to new Audible Alarms (optional)
View TopView Windows that are minimized to the Icon
Monitor the current list of running TopView Windows
Launch the TopView Configurator or TopView Admin Tools

Release contact information
Dane Overfield
EXELE Information Systems, Inc.
Exele Information Systems, Inc.
Exele Phone: 585 385 9740
Direct: 585 385 9998 X117

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