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Automation, Control & Plant Intelligence News Updates   |   January, 2007
Exele releases OPCcalc 3.2 - Process Calculation Engine

Solid performance, Unmatched Flexibility and Reliable Results.

OPCcalc allows users to easily create process calculations that use OPC tags as equation inputs and outputs. From simple to complex equations, single to multiple OPC Servers, and single-computer to enterprise usage, OPCcalc is a proven solution with the flexibility to meet the varied requirements of process calculations.

OPCcalc 3.2 adds new features and performance enhancements:

  • Addition diagnostics allow users to monitor the health of running equations.

  • New diagnostics include equation execution times, last completed execution, and missed executions

  • Execute and monitor more equations

  • Improved performance and host machine configuration allows users to run more equations on a single machine than previously possible

  • Bulk Equation Building

  • Rebuild your entire collection of equations in a single step.

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