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Naeem Ismat

   Naeem Ismat is no stranger to the automation, control and quality assurance industries and has a diverse background. He enjoys being a part of his client's successes. Currently, operational applications support, prodcuts analysis/review and projects management is the niche he has found that allows him to do just that.

Naeem, Master of Engineering from McMaster Univeristy, has been working in the automation and control industry since graduating in Industrial Electronics Engineering. Naeem has worked for large independent companies for more than 20 years, including companies distributing the products of Rockwell Automation and GE Fanuc Automation, where the positions he has held include applications engineer and automation and applications specialist. He has also held senior engineering and project management positions in industrial settings in many countries. He is a GE certified support professional, an MCP and industrial applications programmer, and has an enthusiastic approach towards web based applications to which he brings creative insight and technical acumen.

Naeem has developed quality assurance systems for many industrial companies. He is an IRCA certified and registered quality auditor and worked as a freelance quality auditor and technical expert during ISO audits in the engineering and software industry conducted by Moody International (ISO certification body/registrar).

Naeem has authored many technical articles, product reviews and editorials on topics concerning industrial trends, software analysis, manufacturing IT and online data security. He is the driving force behind the popular website, and, as a leisure-time activity, manages this site as publisher, as well as being one of its writers. He is also contributing editor for the OPC Training Institute.

Away from the computer, Naeem enjoys sketching his surroundings in pencil and charcoal, in a fresh and creative style and plays cricket.

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