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Automation, Control & Plant Intelligence News Updates   |   October, 2007
Kepware Releases 4 New Communications Drivers

Kepware Releases 4 New Communication Drivers and Enhances 24 Existing Communication Drivers and Components

Portland, ME – Kepware Technologies, the leader in communications for automation, today announced the release of its latest KEPServerEX product. KEPServerEX now includes new communications drivers delivering support for WeatherBug for Automation, Fisher ROC and Fisher ROC Plus protocols, and a Memory Based driver for simulations.

The latest generation of Kepware's OPC server technology, KEPServerEX, was designed to allow users to quickly setup communications from equipment to control systems via a wide range of available "plug-in" device drivers and components. Kepware OPC products are continually improved. In addition to new Drivers, this release includes enhancements to the KEPServerEX Server core, the free OPC Quick Client, the ODBC DataLogger component, and 24 existing driver protocols.

Kepware delivers new functionality that has never been available in the automation world, until now. Kepware’s new WeatherBug for Automation driver provides real-time access to live weather data, from the national network of WeatherBug® Tracking Stations, forecasts and weather alerts for use in virtually any automation system.

This release also delivers a new ROC and ROC Plus driver to support Fisher Remote Operations Controllers. Emerson’s Fisher ROC devices are general-purpose RTUs designed for a variety of measurement and control applications, including gas flow measurement. The Kepware ROC driver is intended for use with the following devices: FloBoss 103\104, FloBoss 407, and FloBoss 500 Series, ROCPAC & FlashPAC of the ROC 300 Series, and RegFlo. The ROC Plus protocol driver is intended for use with ROC809 and ROC827 devices.

The final new driver is a Memory Based driver which combines with our existing Advanced Simulator driver to offer a new Simulation Suite. This suite enables vendors to create powerful solutions for application development and testing, Although this is a simulation product, there are a surprising number of production uses for this Simulation Suite. The Kepware Simulation Suite makes a great way to share, move, contain, and distribute data in automation applications.

There are also enhancements to a wide range of existing protocols including; Allen-Bradley ControlLogix, Allen-Bradley DF1, Allen-Bradley Ethernet, BACnet, DNP Ethernet and Serial, GE Fanuc Ethernet, GE Fanuc SNP and SNPX, Honeywell UDC Ethernet and Serial, Modbus ASCII Serial, Modbus Ethernet, Modbus Serial, Modbus Unsolicited Serial, Omron Host Link, Omron Process Suite, SattBus Ethernet and Serial, TIWay Host Adapter, Triconex, UCON, Yokogawa Controller Serial, and Yokogawa DXP. Details are available from the Kepware Website.

“This release is a perfect example of the value Kepware represents to its partners,” says Tony Paine, VP of Engineering for Kepware. “We are continually adding new protocols to our KEPServerEX product, enabling partners to better address their markets. In addition, we invest heavily in moving all of our protocols forward in lock step with vendor enhancements, or to address specific customer needs. Kepware prides itself on delivering robust and reliable products. This release alone represents over 3 man years of effort,” he continued.

“Kepware has been an excellent partner to AWS in the development and marketing of WeatherBug for Automation,” says Jim Anderson, Director of New Business Development for WeatherBug. “Kepware is ideally positioned to deliver WeatherBug’s real-time weather and forecast information to the automation industry and we are impressed with the variety of potential applications involving our weather data.” he added.

“Manufacturers have a preference to procure single source solutions that deliver the protocols they need to meet their communications and interoperability needs”, according to Craig Resnick, Research Director, ARC Advisory Group. “While OPC may be a common denominator between the majority of automation and enterprise solution providers, manufacturers continue to seek server architectures that offer a single point of contact for all their protocols, which reduces their configuration, training, and troubleshooting costs. Kepware’s KEPServerEX architecture appears to meet this criteria of offering their OEMs a single point of contact for all Kepware Protocols.”


Kepware is the world leader in communication software for automation and offers unique experience in both OPC and embedded device communications. Since its beginning in 1995, Kepware has focused on the development of communication drivers to automation controllers, I/O and field devices. Operating system support includes; Microsoft Windows Desktop, Windows Server and Windows Embedded (Windows CE and Windows Embedded NT/XP). Today, with over 100 communication protocols, and through the efforts of our direct sales, distribution and embedded partners, Kepware is the leading provider of communications with annual shipments exceeding 100,000 units. Kepware’s responsiveness to customer needs and strong partnerships with other leading automation suppliers ensure that your next application will be a success. Ask around and you’ll hear why automation professionals everywhere consider Kepware Technologies "Automation’s Best Friend". (http://www.kepware.com)

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Media Contact:
Tony Hartford
Director of Marketing
Kepware Technologies
207-775-1660 x204

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